With a presence in more than 25 countries and employing nearly 35,000 people, Textron is strategically positioned to provide integrated product solutions and services to customers around the globe.

We recognize that our growth depends on having a global mindset, with the acumen to recognize new opportunities: the opportunity to be on the ground in emerging, profitable markets; the opportunity to work with an indigenous and skilled workforce; the opportunity to better serve our global customers; and the opportunity to leverage the cost benefits of being both an efficient global supplier for our customers and working with a competitive supply base.

We are expanding our international operations, growing our sales and distribution capabilities in Central and Eastern Europe as well as in India, China, the Middle East and Central and South America, where long-term growth prospects are strong. Offices and manufacturing plants have been established in the most strategic areas, bringing us closer to customers in the markets we serve.



Textron Aviation is home to the iconic Beechcraft, Cessna and Hawker brands, and continues to lead general aviation through two principal lines of business: aircraft and aftermarket parts and services. Aircraft includes sales of business jets, turboprop and piston aircraft, as well as special mission and military aircraft. Aftermarket parts and services includes commercial parts sales, maintenance, inspection and repair services.

  • Textron Aviation's total revenues were $4,971,000,000 (Aircraft: 69% | Aftermarket parts and services: 31%).
  • Textron Aviation's share of Textron 2018 revenues was 36%.
  • Primary manufacturing facilities are located in Wichita and Independence, Kansas; Columbus, Georgia; and Chihuahua, Mexico.
  • Textron Aviation companies have delivered nearly 251,000 aircraft to 170+ countries, with a combined fleet exceeding 100 million flight hours.
  • With more than 6,900 aircraft delivered to-date and 97% still in operation, Cessna Citations represent the largest fleet of business jets in the world.
  • Textron Aviation provides customers across the globe with the world’s largest general aviation service network made up of 21 company-owned service centers, 60 mobile service units and over 400 authorized independent service facilities.

Textron Aviation 2018 Revenue by Region

Textron Aviation Revenues by Region

For more information about Textron Aviation, contact:

Textron Aviation
One Cessna Blvd.
Wichita, KS 67215
+1 (316) 517-6000


Bell Helicopter is an industry-leading producer of commercial and military vertical lift aircraft and the pioneer of the revolutionary tiltrotor aircraft. Globally recognized for world-class customer service, innovation and superior quality, Bell's global workforce serves customers flying Bell Helicopter aircraft in more than 130 countries.

  • Bell's total revenues for 2018 were $3,180,000,000 (U.S. Government: 65% | Commercial: 35%).
  • Bell's share of Textron 2018 revenues was 23%.
  • Major facilities are located in Fort Worth, Texas; Amarillo, Texas; Piney Flats, Tennessee; Mirabel, Canada; Prague, Czech Republic; and Singapore.
  • Approximately 13,000 Bell manufactured and licensed aircraft are flying in more than 130 countries.
  • In 2018, the Bell 505 Jet Ranger X fleet reached 10,000 flight hours worldwide.
  • Worldwide service network of more than 100 Bell authorized Customer Service Facilities and eight Bell operated service centers, two of which are co-located with Textron Aviation: one in Singapore and one in the Czech Republic.
  • In 2018, the Bell V-280 Valor marked the anniversary of its first flight and completed over 80 flight hours with in-flight transitions between cruise mode and vertical takeoff and landing.

Bell 2018 Revenue by Region

For more information about Bell, contact:

3255 Bell Flight Blvd.
Fort Worth, TX 76118
+1 (817) 280-2011


Textron Systems' businesses develop and integrate products, services and support for aerospace and defense customers, as well as civil and commercial customers around the globe. Harnessing agility and a broad base of expertise, Textron Systems' innovative businesses design, manufacture, field and support comprehensive solutions that expand customer capabilities and deliver value.

  • Textron Systems' total revenues for 2018 were $1,464,000,000 (Unmanned Systems: 42% | Marine and Land Systems: 21% | Simulation, Training and other: 37%).
  • Textron Systems' share of Textron 2018 revenues was 10%.
  • Manufacturing facilities are located in Tampa, Florida; New Orleans, Louisiana; Hunt Valley, Maryland; Wilmington, Massachusetts; Missoula, Montana; McAlester, Oklahoma; Williamsport, Pennsylvania; Charleston, South Carolina; Austin, Texas; Sterling, Virginia; Melbourne, Australia; Montreal, Canada; and Southampton, United Kingdom.
  • Textron Systems Unmanned Systems’ multi-mission-capable unmanned aircraft systems (UAS), which have accumulated more than 1.4 million flight hours of experience, are utilized worldwide. The business’s platforms include the Shadow? Tactical UAS, the Aerosonde? Small UAS, the Aerosonde HQ, and the next-generation NIGHTWARDENTM Tactical UAS.
  • Textron Systems Marine & Land Systems designs, manufactures and supports the next generation of armored combat vehicles for the U.S. military, international militaries, special operations forces, police forces and civilian entities around the globe. The family of COMMANDO? 4x4 armored vehicles are operating for customers around the world, offering a range of protection, unmatched on-road and off-road mobility, survivability, lethality, versatility, reliability and sustainability for unique multi-mission capabilities.
  • TRU Simulation + Training manufactures simulators and training devices for some of the world’s largest aircraft OEMs, airlines, and aviation training academies.
  • Textron Airborne Solutions’ unit Airborne Tactical Advantage Company (ATAC) has provided the U.S. Department of Defense with supersonic and subsonic adversary services for more than 20 years. With locations supporting East and West Coast U.S. operations, Hawaii and Japan, ATAC has pioneered outsourced commercial tactical airborne training support to the U.S. military and international partners.

Textron Systems 2018 Revenue by Region

For more information about Textron Systems, contact:

Textron Systems Corporation
40 Westminster St.
Providence,  RI  02903
+1 (401) 421-2800


Our Industrial segment offers two main product lines: fuel systems and functional components produced by Kautex along with specialized vehicles manufactured by our Textron Specialized Vehicles businesses.

  • The Industrial segment's total revenues for 2018 were $4,291,000,000.
  • Industrial's share of Textron 2018 revenues was 31%.
  • Manufacturing facilities are located in 16 countries: Belgium, Brazil, Canada, China, the Czech Republic, Germany, India, Japan, Mexico, Romania, Slovakia, South Korea, Spain, Thailand, the United Kingdom and the United States.

Industrial 2018 Revenue by Region


For more information about Textron's Industrial businesses, contact:

Textron Specialized Vehicles
1451 Marvin Griffin Road
Augusta, GA 30906
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Kautexstrasse 52
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